#19 Rochester Ties #11 Chicago in Women's Soccer Tilt

ROCHESTER, N.Y. - Goalkeeper Emma Schechter made a career high 12 saves on Sunday afternoon as the University of Rochester battled to a 1-1 double overtime tie against the University of Chicago at Edwin Fauver Stadium in the Prince Athletic Complex.
Both teams are ranked in the current Division III poll conducted by the United Soccer Coaches. Chicago is ranked #11, Rochester is #19. Rochester is 8-2-1 after the result, 0-1-1 in the University Athletic Association. Chicago is 8-1-2, 1-0-1 UAA.
The goals came nine minutes apart in the second half – Carolyn Richards for Rochester in the 55th minute, Claudia Hodgetts in the 64th minute for Chicago. There were a handful of very good chances each way.
Schechter's first big save came with 10 minutes left in the first half. Bella Mahoney fired for the top corner and Schechter fisted it over the crossbar for a corner kick that was harmless.
In the last three minutes of the opening period, Chicago goalkeeper Miranda Malone made two good stops – neither was a save, but each prevented Rochester from getting a good scoring opportunity. UR's Robin deJong came down the left wing and cut the ball across the area. Malone dove and covered before any white shirts could get to it. In the final 20 seconds, Rochester's Jorie Freitag intercepted a clearance, ran down the right touchline, and put another ball into the center of the box. Malone got there first. She finished the game with four saves.
It took four minutes in the second half for Rochester to issue its first serious challenge at the Chicago goal. Emily Henry hit a crossfield ball from the middle to Jamison Seabury running down the right slot. Seabury turned towards goal and lofted a shot over the reach of Malone, but it struck the juncture of the left post and the crossbar.
The Maroons answered within three minutes. Hannah Watkins took the ball down left wing and lined a ball towards the far post, but it was just out of the reach of Adrianna Vera.
Rochester created its goal on an attack down right wing in the 55th minute. Freitag had it in the center of the pitch and chipped it past the defense to Richards down right wing. She charged towards goal with Malone backpedaling for better position. Richards hit a low shot under Malone's arm from the right corner of the area and the ball settled in the left corner of the goal.
Chicago's goal came from a set piece. Ruthie Mitchell hit a free kick from deep on right wing, about 20 yards off the endline, to the near post where Hodgetts with inside position headed a four-yard shot inside the right post to equalize.
UC had the two best chances in the closing minutes. With just over 12 minutes left, Schechter raced out to beat Maddie DeVoe to a lead pass in the penalty area. In the 86th minute, Nikola Charouzova tried to hit an eight-yarder just inside the left post. Schechter dove, got a hand on it, and was able to palm it past the left post for a corner.
In the first minute of the first overtime, Seabury ran free down the right and pushed a pass through traffic for deJong outside the far post. Malone was able to save it.